Tennis for All


The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) and the Saudi Tennis Federation (STF) have teamed up to launch the Tennis for All Program at SFA Neighborhood Clubs in Riyadh, Jeddah, and the Eastern Province in the past year and planning to do a lot more in the upcoming years.


This activation marks a new phase of the Tennis for All Program, Active in communities across the Kingdom, it encourages students and their families to adopt an active lifestyle that boosts both their physical and mental wellbeing. 


The Tennis for All Program is one of many SFA initiatives that encourage a Kingdom-wide love of sports and athletics and increase physical activity levels across the Kingdom to 40% by 2030. This is one of the key objectives of the Vision 2030 Quality of Life Program.


In 2022, the Saudi Tennis Federation joined forces with Sports for All to create a mass participation tennis program that received 2,000 unique students and over 13,000 visits at neighborhood clubs, domes, malls and parks across the country. 


In 2023, after years of planning, the two institutions partnered with the Ministry of Education to implement a program in the physical education curriculum at 90 schools across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The launch of a bona fide mass participation program as a catalyst to raise awareness of our sport had been a major goal for the Saudi Tennis Federation and Sports for All. Following Year 1's booming success, both entities are determined to take the alliance to the next level.


In 2024, the Ministry of Education has pledged to facilitate the introduction of Tennis for All in an additional 200 schools, raising the total number to 290. Thus, the forecast of unique students affected ascends to roughly 72.500.


Ultimately, the expectation is to expand to a staggering 400 schools in 2025 across 10 different cities. This would equate to at least 200,000 unique players in a three-year period with an egalitarian gender distribution.