Tennis appeared in Saudi Arabia in 1966 as part of the activities of the Saudi Tennis and Table Tennis Federation, and the official launch of it was in 1975 through the establishment of three championships during the board of directors led by Mr. Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman Al Juban.

In 1991, a decision was issued by the Royal President of Youth Welfare to restructure the board of directors of the Saudi Tennis and Table Tennis Federation with HRH Prince Khaled bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz as its president.

Then, a decision was issued by His Royal Highness the President of Youth Welfare to separate tennis as its own independent federation. This was led by Mr. Abdulaziz bin Saad Al Kreidis in order to take on the responsibility of organizing and promoting the sport. 




To foster a promising generation that can represent their country in international competitions with honor.




Empower young men and women in the Kingdom to thrive in the sport of tennis through talent discovery and development programs, hosting and organizing tournaments, and enhancing the infrastructure to position tennis as one of the main sports in Saudi Arabia.




  • Developing training programs that take players from the level of talents to elite athletes.

  • Activating the system that supports the performance of elite athletes.

  • Enhancing the interest in tennis among the youth.

  • Attracting regional and international tourism by hosting major known events.